Meeting of the waters in Manaus, Brazil



Day 1:

 The travel group arrives in Guyana and is escorted from the airport by a local representative of AMAZON JUNGLE TOUR  to your hotel in the capitol city of Georgetown, Guyana.

 After a delicious local lunch and some relaxation we will do a brief tour of Georgetown in the cool of the afternoon sun to the points of interest before leaving the next day for the border of Guyana and Brazil. 


Day 2:

 Today we rise early for a hearty breakfast and prepare ourselves for the journey to Brazil.

 The group leaves Georgetown by bus for a one and a half days ride through the jungle road, with it's thick green forest on both sides, stopping at a few jungle villages for a brief rest and to eat.

 We continue through the Rupunnuni Savannah which is a vast open land mass with lots of mountain ranges in the back ground. There you will find local Indian villages along the way and even Latin American style  cowboys working on their ranches. This part of Guyana is a mix of Latin culture.

 When we arrive at the border town of Lethem you will have an opportunity to tour the area in the late afternoon and early night observing the awesome sunset and the night stars that seem to hang just above your head. Then enjoy a local meal before retiring for the night. 

Pink Dolphins of the Rio river in Manaus, Brazil


Day 3:

We prepare to do a fifteen minute walk to cross the Takutu river that separates Guyana from Brazil, by simply walking across the Takutu bridge in to Brazil, when we get to it. 

When the group crosses the border in to Brazil we chick in with the Brazilian immigration and then board the bus to the city of Manaus. This bus ride takes about fourteen hours however but you will not feel board since that the buses are very modern with air-condition and television access. And the sceneries of the Brazilian countryside is very nice with it's Spanish style houses and ranches and mountain ranges and wide rivers.


Day 5: 

On this day the group arrives in Manaus to the hotel.

 In the jungle we will explore the area  by hiking along trails and canoe sailing on the river. 


You will have the chance to bird watch go visit with the Pink Dolphins  and at night  alligator sighting.


This Amazon River Dolphin is considered the most intelligent of the freshwater dolphins species.

These sensitive mammals with a brain capacity forty percent larger than that of the human brain, have lived in harmony with the people of the Amazon for centuries.

Travelers enjoy swimming with the dolphins. For most visitors it is the main attraction.

The group camps in the jungle during the three to four day jungle tour.

Again, to remind you that camping is basic with hammocks, tents and your jungle guide preparing your meals.

A visit to the Indigenous villagers is optional. And if you wish to make such a visit then special arrangements would have to be made. Please inform our office of your intension.


Day 8:

We arrive back in Manaus to the hotel.

Day 9:

The group boards the bus for the return journey to the hotel in Georgetown, Guyana.

Day 11:

You prepare for your departure flight back home.

Jungle of Manaus


Rupununi Savannah at the border of Guyana and Brazil


Wild life of Brazilian jungle

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Manaus Theatre


At AMAZON JUNGLE TOUR we provide all the camping equipment and supplies for your comfort.

Accommodation in Brazil :

Your hotel and guest house are equipped with modern conveniences; air-conditioned rooms, hot and cold showers, television, internet access. 

Hotels and guest houses are big on quality of service and fun for there guests. Therefore your stay will be a comfortable one.

However during the hiking trip we will camp -eat, sleep and bath in the jungle . Camping is basic with hammocks strung up between trees. Bathing is done in the rivers and under waterfalls. Your meals is prepared by your jungle guide.

Visa requirements:

We ask that you contact the Brazilian Embassies near you or call or email us for assistance. We would  glad to be of help to you in acquiring a visa for Brazil.

Travel Insurance:

Flight insurance is advised.  It is good to have in the event of accidents or sickness and if the need to be hospitalize or return home as a result of such circumstance. Please contact us for further assistance.

What to bring and what to wear:

The items to bring for the jungle trip are: a hat with brim or peak; hiking socks and boots; pair of shorts; sandals  t-shirts; tennis shoes; sunglasses; sun screen cream; camera with plenty of film or digital camera; backpack; binoculars.

Note: avoid wearing clothes with bright colors for that will scare off the animals and birds that are close to you. We recommend clothes that camouflage with the jungle. 

Things we supply for the jungle hike:

We supply rain coats; flash lights;  hammocks; camping tents; cooking utilities; insect repellent; mosquito nets; groceries for jungle cooking; mineral water; and experience jungle guides.


Brazil is a tropical country. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is between  December and January months.

Currency rates:

Your money should be in the form of Travelers Checks, Visa,  Master Card or American Express card. This is for security reasons. Check with your bank for the current exchange rates for Brazil.

Some currencies are not traded in Guyana. The American dollar is the major currency that is traded.



Yellow fever vaccination is necessary for entering Guyana. Travelers who wish to visit Brazil, It is advisable to have your malaria vaccine or tablets before entering the jungle. Again when you get to Brazil this can be taken care of.

Please note !

Due to the nature of adventure travel and the remote areas that we will visit, no itinerary can be rigidly set.