guyana jungle tour





Day 1:

Your travel group consists of a minimum of five people for the Guyana jungle.

Upon your arrival in Guyana, our local tour guide welcomes you to Guyana and accompanies you from the airport to your hotel in Georgetown. At the hotel you will enjoy local hospitality that includes delicious Creole dishes in a comfortable environment of international standards complete with air conditioning and all modern comforts.

After a bit of relaxation, the group makes a brief and pleasant tour of the city of Georgetown visiting various points of interest such as the city's colonial architecture buildings and its forts that reveal the historic presence of Dutch, British and Portuguese.

Georgetown today speaks mainly English, although Spanish and Portuguese are spoken. It is also a cultured city with its colonial buildings. By cultural standards it is a Caribbean city, but geographically it is a South American municipality since it is located at the tip of South America.

Day 2:

This is where the real jungle tour begins. The group gets up early to have breakfast and join the land transport accompanied by the tour guide. We leave Georgetown by minibus or van to enter a jungle path full of lush rainforest that takes us to the mining town of Mahdia and then to Pamala Landing, small settlements along the way.

Along the way we will stop for lunch in a small village called '58 Village '. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant in the local jungle.

At Pamala Landing the group will camp overnight. You can take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the natural environment, bathe in the nearby stream with its natural spring water before dinner is served by your tour guide.

3rd day:

Early in the morning the group continues to reach the Waratuk Falls. Again we will set up the camp for the rest of the day and leave early the next morning. We will also visit the Great Kaieture Fall


4th day:

We enter the Kaieture national park at the foot of Mount Kaieture, where we will rest to refresh ourselves and bathe in the nearby river before starting the steep climb up to the top of the falls.

  While our excursion continues this time up the steep side of the mountain, resting along the way and finding time for some photos. Within a few hours you will climb to the top of the mountain and admire the majestic nature of the highest drop-shaped waterfalls in the world. The evening camp is set in the exceptional beauty of the jungle atmosphere in the Kaieture national park. Dinner is served for dinner.

5th day:

There are many forms of life in the National Park that you will experience. On this day we will tour around the waterfalls and in the Kaieture national park. The Falls tour will prove to be a fascinating experience for you. You will have the opportunity to see the Falls up close and from different angles. In the National Park you will explore the nature of the rainforest by observing the various species of flowers, plants and trees. And for bird lovers the opportunity to do birdwatching. However, tigers and other wildlife are abundant in this area, so get ready and prepare your cameras. You never know what can appear before you, face to face.

After the National Park tour, a fantastic camping night will prepare you for your return trip to the city of Georgetown.

6th day:

Your return flight to Georgetown will give you a spectacular view of the Kaieture waterfalls, the gorge, the rivers and the rainforest below.

Day 7:

Travel group members prepare for departure on the connecting flight to the respective homes.




At AMAZON JUNGLE TOUR we provide all the camping equipment and supplies for your comfort.

Accommodation in Guyana :

Your hotel and guest house are equipped with modern conveniences; air-conditioned rooms, hot and cold showers, television, internet access. 

Hotels and guest houses are big on quality of service and fun for there guests. Therefore your stay will be a comfortable one.

However during the hiking trip we will camp -eat, sleep and bath in the jungle . Camping is basic with hammocks strung up between trees. Bathing is done in the rivers and under waterfalls. Your meals is prepared by your jungle guide.

Visa requirements:

We ask that you contact the Guyana Embassies near you or call or email us for assistance. We would  glad to be of help to you in acquiring a visa for Guyana.

Travel Insurance:

Flight insurance is advised.  It is good to have in the event of accidents or sickness and if the need to be hospitalize or return home as a result of such circumstance. Please contact us for further assistance.

What to bring and what to wear:

The items to bring for the jungle trip are: a hat with brim or peak; hiking socks and boots; pair of shorts; sandals  t-shirts; tennis shoes; sunglasses; sun screen cream; camera with plenty of film or digital camera; backpack; binoculars.

Note: avoid wearing clothes with bright colors for that will scare off the animals and birds that are close to you. We recommend clothes that camouflage with the jungle. 

Things we supply for the jungle hike:

We supply rain coats; flash lights;  hammocks; camping tents; cooking utilities; insect repellent; mosquito nets; groceries for jungle cooking; mineral water; and experience jungle guides.


Guyana is a tropical country. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is between  December and January months.

Currency rates:

Your money should be in the form of Travelers Checks, Visa,  Master Card or American Express card. This is for security reasons. Check with your bank for the current exchange rates for Guyana.

Some currencies are not traded in Guyana. The American dollar is the major currency that is traded.. 


Yellow fever vaccination is necessary for entering Guyana. Travelers who wish to visit Guyana, It is advisable to have your malaria vaccine or tablets before entering the jungle. Again when you get to Guyana this can be taken care of.

Please note !

Due to the nature of adventure travel and the remote areas that we will visit, no itinerary can be rigidly set.